Graduation Time

School is out for Summer 2023! Students who’ve graduated from high school now feel like real adults! They’ve accomplished graduation and are now making serious decisions about college acceptance, if they have not already decided, or other future plans. They feel strong and free with the world awaiting their decision! The warmth of the sun and a slight breeze energizes their mood! They are in that beginning stage of the end of young adulthood where they’re still a little bit children – still a little bit beginner young adult – still middle young adults and, whether they know it, negotiating that period of time before they really are adults. (That will come when they turn 25 or so). But between 17 / 18 and 25, they’re moving into that late stage of young adult life. They are experimenting with adulthood on a different level and for the next several years, if they are not careful, life can be dangerous for them. We have a saying: “If it seems stupid, DON’T DO IT!” Now is a really good time to have that kind of discussion with your young adults. If you haven’t already, make sure they know what seems “stupid” and make sure they know how to think through their decisions and know when not to do it. Drinking alcohol or other substance use at this stage in life can be a very bad, or shall we say “stupid” decision. That term may seem harsh, but it’s nothing compared to their harsh reality of a lifetime in the front mirror after doing something truly not in their best self-interest. It’s a really good time to have that talk in a loving and thoughtful way! Build your soon-to-be adult’s self respect! Godspeed!

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