Len Guardino knows how important and relevant to everyday life is the love and compassion we receive from many people. Champagne Cat Worldwide, LLC’s mission, through the characters of the Champagne Cat® family, is to share kindness, love and compassion with a smile and open arms that hug everyone.

Len Guardino

The Mission of Champagne Cat Worldwide, LLC is to bring happiness, comfort, and hope to children in hospital, and we want to put a smile on their faces. It is also our mission to bring the same happiness to everyone who comes into contact with the characters of the Champagne Cat® family. We want to put a smile on children’s faces.

Our products are sold online to everyone.

At no charge, we give our Champagne Cat® T-Shirts, dolls, and other items to children and all those who are hospitalized when our team visits them to bring some comfort and joy into their lives.

Feel the magic, the love and the energy of the hug of Champagne Cat®!