Our Social Responsibility Policy

Champagne Cat Worldwide, LLC believes there is no reason for cruelty to be a part of manufacturing our goods. We have compliance standards that require our manufacturers to supply us with merchandise consistent with internationally recognized labor standards and to help to ensure that wherever our products are produced, each and every item reflects our values, including those regarding compensation; hours of labor; forced labor, slavery and human trafficking; child labor; discrimination/human rights; protection of animal and plant life; and protection of the environment.

Clothing that sits next to your skin should be comfortable and natural. We seek out suppliers that care about protection of our personal individual environment and the environment as a whole, including thoughtful use of inputs and thoughtfulness of our use of those inputs impact on others. As a company, we seek technologies in light of advancements without modification of inputs that do not sustain what is already excellent and preferably organic, while being mindful of practicality, sensibility, and cost effectiveness. We enjoy what we do and working with our outside and in-house professionals and committed team members who always have our ear. We encourage our entire team’s commitment to our goals, to suggestions for improvement, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations impacting life.