Champagne Cat Worldwide, LLC is a branded apparel and accessory company serving the needs of families with children. We author and publish children’s books and create products that will strengthen moral and ethical values in a traditional sense with a modern style, sensitive to the minds of young children. We promote the development of intellectual and independent thought of children and young adults in an age-appropriate manner through our products sized from infant to adult so that all family members stay involved. We also produce and sell the music of our Co-Founder Len Guardino, an amazing vocal artists and lyricist. You may contact us at .

Welcome to Champagne Cat! Happiness Is Being Round! This website is a place where children and young adults can safely have fun; smile; be happy; learn; grow; and become wise! Become a member of the Champagne Cat Club, where you will find content that encourages you to think clearly, and to grow in wisdom and grace! Browse through the Champagne Cat Shop and pick your favorite T-shirt, books, music, (and more!), and take home the spirit and magic of Champagne Cat! Listen to our podcast! Share this site with your friends! We’re glad to see you!

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