Champagne Cat’s® Story

     Champagne Cat® is at ease with himself, self-assured, composed, and calm. He grew up a strong healthy cat, and he worked hard to discover and develop his talents. Champagne Cat® is a no-nonsense, street-wise, highly respected cat.

     Not only is Champagne Cat® a special cat, he is just like other cats.

     Champagne Cat® is highly moral, lives clean, and teaches by example. Brevity is the soul of his wit – and wisdom!

     Champagne Cat® grew up having many exciting experiences and met many interesting cats. He also saw some cats had different circumstances.

     So, Champagne Cat® gave his time and talent to little cats and big cats who needed good examples in their nine lives. He visited veterans to share comradery and laughter. He visited little cats in hospital to give them cheer, too!

     As happens to cats, Champagne Cat® met Charlotte Rose and they fell in love! Now, they have two kids, Smarty Kat and Magen Kat. Smarty and Magen are computer wizards. They also have a dog named Goo.

     Champagne Cat® is retired now. He owns and operates a restaurant called Champagne Cat’s Food Palace. There, Champagne Cat learned the art and business of healthy food. Champagne Cat®, Charlotte Rose, and Big Mamma teamed up and put together a menu of good, healthy, LUSH fooooood.

     Champagne Cat’s® arch enemy, Noomas, is a cat that runs a restaurant across from Champagne Cat’s® Food Palace. Unlike Champagne Cat’s® restaurant, Noomas serves unhealthy food in a negative environment.

     Champagne Cat® has to constantly fight for the “Hearts and Minds” of the young as well as older cats who are influenced and lured by Noomas and his cohorts Fooly, Sapp, and pet named “Glutt.”

     Champagne Cat’s® story isn’t over! He has a lot of good still to do! Come join Champagne Cat® and his friends on their journey!

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