Len Guardino, having served as the executive director of Fathers’ At Large over a number of years, where men participated in healthy and age-appropriate activities empowering children that needed positive influences in their lives, was motivated to create a character that communicates his philosophy about being moral, expressing the importance of clean-living, and supports children’s skills in becoming aware of themselves and others and turning away from negative influences. Len created the character Champagne Cat® to build that foundation based upon a positive future. Champagne Cat® communicates his message through products including the Champagne Cat® Game, a game board that communicates Champagne Cat’s philosophy of eating healthy food for mind and body. Champagne Cat® also appears in his own cartoon story where a young cat asks Champagne Cat® questions about life. Champagne Cat® is also the main character of his ten-page coloring book where Champagne Cat® fights off negative influences so that children can have a positive life. Champagne Cat® also appears in Len Guardino’s book written for children, “Pass On The Little Blue Ball,” about how the Earth came about and how everyone has a responsibility to make Earth happy by keeping Earth’s air, land and water clean. Champagne Cat® also appears on greeting cards, T-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and items that can be found on this website.

Len Guardino

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Len’s creativity doesn’t stop there. Based in New York City, Len Guardino spent much of his career perfecting his vocal, song writing and recording skills. His style, according to Karl Stober of ejazznews: “In the grand institution of style as Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Al Martino.” Len’s published works include, among others, “Be The Man I Was Really Meant To Be,” “I’m A Man, Yes I Am,” “They Call Me A City Slicker,” “They Tell Me I’m A Man.” His works have been reviewed by various publications including Billboard, Record World, Accent Mag-, Smothers Net, Culture Bunker.Com, J.R. Taylor of N.Y. Press (“The greatest lounge singer in Manhattan! . . . like nothing you’ve heard before.”), Accent on Tampa Bay Magazine (“Guardino’s textured phrasing and vocal dynamics display fine technique and burning passion.”), and others. In addition to his passion for vocal excellence, Len is the playwright of a seven-song musical comedy, “Just For Love,” including all composition and lyrics. He is a talented lyricist and composer.  His music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most digital streaming services, also on HearNow (at https://lenguardino.hearnow.com/a-moment-in-time), on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW8oiTI2hD2a7uLImHfxZ9w and, of course, at amazon.com/Len-Guardino/dp/B00077F7TU .

Champagne Cat® rose out of Len’s love for children. He served in the U.S. Army Infantry after which he returned to New York where he began his career in New York commercial real estate in Manhattan. He successfully owned an art gallery off Madison Avenue, and co-produced Red Magic, an Off-Broadway production. He was a member of the Soldiers and Sailors Club located in Manhattan and served on committees of City of Hope and The Floating Hospital. He is now devoting his time to his favorite children’s character, Champagne Cat®, to bring much needed happiness, moral strength, fidelity, manners, and wisdom to children all over the globe.

Kristin Guardino, J.D., formerly practiced civil litigation where she represented children seriously injured by criminal activity. She began her career as a law clerk and then as an attorney working with Richard “Racehorse” Haynes in the civil litigation section of his practice. She was stalked during her law school matriculation by a professor who had a history of this sad behavior. Richard created the most professional and respectful work atmosphere and assisted Kristin at every opportunity in dealing with corruption she encountered in the aftermath of reporting the sad individual. Richard was the exemplar of professionalism. Kristin flourished working for Richard and when she left his firm to open her own firm he gave her her first case, involving a child molested by a lawyer. She obtained a jury verdict of $9,810,000 on behalf of her minor client. She then quickly became schooled in the practices of envious lawyers, not assisting, but appearing out of the woodwork to steal, and elected and appointed individuals engaging in corruption to help corrupt attorneys. The first person to congratulate Kristin after her trial was indeed Richard Haynes, there again to show his support and professionalism, as always. Kristin knows how it feels to be injured by indefensible and corrupt people. Her entire practice was devoted to helping those who were dealing with the onslaught of evil in their own lives.

Len and Kristin Guardino bring a lot to their every endeavor.

After both having successful careers in their respective professions, Len and Kristin Guardino founded Champagne Cat Worldwide, LLC in 2019 to devote their time, treasure and talents to making the world’s people happier by spreading the philosophy that Happiness Is Being Round®! They invite you to peruse this website and learn just what “Happiness Is Being Round®!” means and hopefully apply it in your life as best you can.

You can reach us with your comments; with your thoughts and dreams for our world and the people and creatures that inhabit it; and to share your own talent with our company by forwarding your resume at info@champagnecat.com .

Len Guardino
Co-Founder, Creative Director


Len Guardino’s, (Champagne Cat’s®), Philosophy: “Happiness Is Being Round”®

Len Guardino’s philosophy that “Happiness Is Being Round” is embodied in the characters of the Champagne Cat® story. The characters are all round-shaped. Len’s philosophy that “Happiness is Being Round®” is explained in the works of Carl G. Jung, et al. as wholeness of the self in respect to the person and the whole of nature as the most vital aspect of life:

“Dr. M.-L. von Franz has explained the circle (or sphere) as a symbol of the Self. It expresses the totality of the psyche in all its aspects, including the relationship between man and the whole of nature. Whether the symbol of the circle appears in primitive sun worship or modern religion, in myths or dreams, in the mandalas drawn by Tibetan monks, in the ground plans of cities, or in the spherical concepts of early astronomers, it always points to the single-most vital aspect of life, its ultimate wholeness.”

Carl G. Jung, Man and His Symbols 266 (Jung Carl G., et al., Man and His Symbols 266 (Carl G. Jung, M.-L. von Franz, Joseph L. Henderson, Jolande Jacobi, Aniela Jaffé eds., 1964).

The person’s connection of self and the whole of nature, and through that connection, living in the present — being round — creates happiness.