We love our “We Love America” t-shirts

We love our “We Love America” t-shirts that we purchased for our entire family.

Here is what we found:

The shirt material was so nice and soft when we bought them – and the shirts just keep getting softer the more we wear them. The shirt color (we chose the blue cotton shirt) has not faded although it has been washed several times already and holds up nicely even after several washes. The youth and adult shirts are very comfortable and move well to provide us with all day comfort regardless of whether we wear them while we work from home or on the weekend playing with our children or just relaxing. The printed area is bright and colorful and it also holds up beautifully! Our children keep getting “Where did you get that!” comments from their friends at school, who love the engaging character of Champagne Cat.

We really like the Character, Champagne Cat:

Champagne Cat has such a sweet face. We read the website at Champagnecat.com and found out about the philosophy and moral values the character represents. They work well with how we are raising our children. We never get tired of Champagne Cat. The positive image and happiness that just exudes from the character promotes smiling faces all around our home. Our children always pick their Champagne Cat shirts to wear as soon as they are cleaned and available. We look forward to them wearing a brand that promotes happiness and we look forward to purchasing additional products from the company. The key chains are also very cute; they are bright and shiny and again, exude happiness that helps us create a positive environment in our household – and that makes us feel good as parents to provide this for our children. What can we say, we love our “We Love America” t-shirts and most certainly recommend Champagne Cat products! https://champagnecat.com/product/champagne-cat-loves-america-unisex-youth-crew-neck-t-shirt/ https://www.instagram.com/champagnecatworldwidellc/