“Why Can’t Every Day Feel Like Christmas” by Len Guardino

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GET READY FOR CHRISTMAS with Len Guardino’s Christmas special: “Why Can’t Everyday Feel Like Christmas?” Words and music by Len Guardino; CD. Includes Len Guardino’s words and music. In the genre of beautiful Christmas music of Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby, Len’s vocal range and gentle lyrics make everyone ask: “Why Can’t Everyday Be Like Christmas?”

Originally based in New York City, the ex-US Army Special Service member and Champagne Cat comic strip author, (www.ChampagneCat.com), carries on the fine tradition of such Jazz legends as Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. Backed by a hep swing band sound Guardino’s textured phrasing and vocal dynamics display not only fine technique but burning passion. Len Guardino’s work has been reviewed in the past in various publications, including Billboard’s Record World, Accent Magazine, Smothers Net, CultureBunker. com, and N.Y. Press. Len Guardino’s “Be The Man” – Jazz CD – hit the charts in its 1st week and was originally distributed by select-o-hits of Memphis, TN.

Special endorsements by the Press include:
“The greatest lounge singer in Manhattan, LIKE NOTHING YOU’VE HEARD BEFORE” – J.R. Taylor – NY Press.
“Guardino’s textured phrasing and vocal dynamics display fine technique and burning passion.” – Accent On Tampa Bay Magazine.
“Len Guardino’s vocal & lyrics has captured the spirit and essence of The King of Rockin’ Roll. The CD should warm the hearts of every ELVIS Fan” – Rock-on Review Magazine.
“Written, produced and recorded by himself, “Be the Man I Was Really Meant To Be” and “I’m A Man Baby, Yes I Am” are in his words, “the male answer to the “I Am Woman” record. This controversial New York artist should easily stir up some excitement with his recent release.” – The Music City Entertainer, Nashville, TN.

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Music by Len Guardino

Includes CD with two tracts and case.


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