The Birth Of Our Planet Earth – Pass On The Little Blue Ball / Len Guardino, – First Edition (E-Book)

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Illustrations and simple story lines share the story of how our universe began, culminating in the creation of Earth, and kindly teaches children they have the responsibility to care for and pass on the treasures of our planet Earth to the next generation.

This book is initially published with a floating format to fit multiple device formats.  You may need to adjust the font size up or down on your device to properly view the book.  If you need help with an E-Book reader program, there are several free and paid readers at this website:

We have found free E-Book Readers that work well at the above link.  On a laptop the reader that seems to work best in our testing is Calibre.  If you choose to utilize this program, for which a link can be found above, open the file and click on the toggle full page button on the left-hand side of your screen to view the E-Book preferably.  The font may need to be increased or decreased in other modes in order to view the book properly.

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