Len Guardino’s, (Champagne Cat’s), Philosophy: “Happiness is Being Round!”



Len Guardino’s philosophy that “Happiness Is Being Round” is embodied in the characters of the Champagne Cat story. The characters are all round-shaped. Len’s philosophy that “Happiness is Being Round” is explained in the works of Carl G. Jung, et al. as wholeness of the self in respect to the person and the whole of nature as the most vital aspect of life:

“Dr. M.-L. von Franz has explained the circle (or sphere) as a symbol of the Self. It expresses the totality of the psyche in all its aspects, including the relationship between man and the whole of nature. Whether the symbol of the circle appears in primitive sun worship or modern religion, in myths or dreams, in the mandalas drawn by Tibetan monks, in the ground plans of cities, or in the spherical concepts of early astronomers, it always points to the single-most vital aspect of life, its ultimate wholeness.” Carl G. Jung, Man and His Symbols 266 (Jung Carl G., et al., Man and His Symbols 266 (Carl G. Jung, M.-L. von Franz, Joseph L. Henderson, Jolande Jacobi, Aniela Jaffé eds., 1964).

The person’s connection of self and the whole of nature, and through that connection, living in the present — being round — creates happiness.

“Happiness is Being Round!” by Len Guardino

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