Always Take Care of Your Children Online – To What Does The Name “Champagne Cat®” Refer

Keep Your Children Safe Online

We are reminded today of children’s safety. We’d like to share an article we read this morning with all parents. We remind them: never let your guard down when it comes to your children’s safety, especially online. Here is the link:

Our Co-Founders Care About Children

Our co-founders, Len Guardino and Kristin Guardino, J.D., are personally very concerned about children and their safety. They have lived their concern and have paid the price. Kristin represented a seven-year-old child in a suit against a lawyer – a neighbor of Kristin’s child client – who molested the young child. That’s right – a lawyer did that! Kristin obtained a jury verdict in the amount of $8.9 million dollars on her client’s behalf. Ever since that time, Kristin has been vilified by her “colleagues,” who have come out of the woodwork to defraud her of her fees and her client of her recovery. That’s right – lawyers did that!

Evil people are no joke. They will do whatever it takes to transfer their evil onto others in order to escape responsibility for what they have done. If you stand up to them, be ready to stand alone. Do not let anyone groom you or your children!

We will never allow anyone to use this site to groom children or groom the community. If you ever see any such thing associated with this site, contact us immediately at and we will take immediate action.

What Does The Word “Champagne” Mean As Used In Our Trademark Character?

So, what is “Champagne” doing in the name of a cat? “Champagne” refers to a Tonkinese breed of cat. It is a breed and color referred to as “champagne.” See here, for example, for a description of the color and personality of a Tonkinese cat: . Also, see here: which states: “Tonkinese are the most popular pedigree companion breed of cats. They are multifaceted. While active, playful, and muscular cats, they are also affectionate, social lap cats.” . . . “People are attracted to the Tonkinese breed because they are beautiful, but more important, they have a wonderful disposition and personality.” Id.

And let’s be up front, when an adult hears or sees the word “champagne,” it evokes a sense of class, propriety, and good manners.

These are the fundamental characteristics that we promulgate and of which Champagne Cat® and this website will always adhere. We are not afraid of the word “champagne” and we do not promote the use of the beverage in any form.

Champagne Cat® is a Tonkinese cat.

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